RA250 Childrens General Aviation Headset

Part Number: RA250




The RA250 headset is sized for kids and young adults for a more comfortable fit and enjoyable audio experience. The adjustable headband can be sized down small enough for a toddler and can increase in size as they grow into a young adult.

The RA250 features passive noise cancellation up to 24dB, clear hear 50mm performance audio speakers, a EM56 noise reflective cup microphone surrounded by a foam, wind-block mic muff and gold plated plugs all at a low cost.

A 3.5mm music input jack allows you to connect an iPod for music or an iPad for movies, keeping children occupied and content during longer flights.

Rugged construction and a great price lets you sit back in ease with this headset in the hands of a child, but if anything were to go wrong, the RA250 is backed by a 7-Year warranty.


  • 24dB NRR Hearing Protection
  • Stay-Put Flex Boom
  • Gold Plated Dual Plugs
  • EM56 Noise Reflective Microphone
  • 50mm Mono Audio Speakers
  • Foam Fit Comfort Ear Seals
  • Wind Blocking Foam Mic Muff
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Headband
  • Universal 3.5mm Music Port
  • Full 7 Year Factory Warranty


  • RA250 Headset


What age child will this headset fit?
The adjustable headband on the RA250 can be sized down small enough to fit most toddlers and can increase in size large enough to fit a young adult. The ear seals are only slightly smaller than those of an adult headset and may look very large on a small child. As long as the headset is making a seal around the ear they will provide passive noise cancellation.

Is red the only color?

How long is the cord? Will it reach the back seat?
The cord is 60 inches from headset to plugs. Depending on where the main radio panel is located, it should reach most backseats.

Is this headset Noise Cancelling?
The RA250 headset has passive noise cancellation and will block out 24db of noise.

What powers the the headset’s circuitry? Are batteries needed?
The RA250 headset is powered by the aircraft's internal communication system. It does not required batteries.

Is the audio output mono or stereo?
The audio output on the RA250 headset is mono. Verbal communications have a higher sound quality using mono whereas music sound quality is better with stereo output.

Will this headset work...in a commercial aircraft jumpseat? In a helicopter? with a David Clark System? For In-car communications? As a computer gaming headset?
The RA250 headset was designed as a general aviation headset to be used with an aircraft’s internal communication system that accommodates dual plugs (also known as PJ plugs). Any aircraft that is compatible with dual plugs will allow for optimal performance of this headset.

With slight modifications or cable adaptors, this headset can be used in a variety of scenarios but it is not recommended.



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