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Kenwood Mobile Radio Jumper Cable - TK750 NX700 NX800 etc. - New - Overstock

$65.00 $20.00

Complete your communications with this mobile radio jumper for Kenwood radios with RJ45 (KMC-35 style) hand mic ports. Connect your 2-way radio to your wiring harness, intercom, or cabling setup.  

Compatible with the following Kenwood mobile radios:

NX-700 NX-720HG NX-800, NX-900. NX-901 NX-920G, TK-630 TK-730 TK-830 TK-760
TK-768 TK-768G TK-780 TK-860 TK-868 TK-880, TK-868G TK-808 TK-980 TKR-750 TKR-850 TK-980, TK-868 TK-880 TK-850 TK-860 TK-830 TK-808, TK-780, TK-750
TK-7160E TK-7160HM TK-7160M TK-7162E, TK-7180E TK-7189E TK-8108HM, TK-8108M
TK-8160E TK-8160E3 TK-8160HM TK-8160M, TK-8162E TK-8162E3 TK-8180E TK-8189E
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