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Waterproof GMRS Radio - Polaris Pro XP - Pro R Complete UTV Communication Intercom Kit


Includes Waterproof GMRS radio! The complete communication experience featuring custom fitment for your Polaris RZR Pro XP / Pro R! Easily talk to your passengers, communicate with other cars, answer calls, and stream music through your phone. This kit includes everything you need to take the conversation further.

Key Features:

  • Custom mount for your UTV
  • Talk between passengers using helmet kits or headsets
  • Communicate with other vehicles
  • Make phone calls & stream music via Bluetooth
  • Connect optional cable to record intercom audio to GoPro or other device

Compatibility: Rugged GMRS mobile radios will communicate with all GMRS and FRS radios on channels 1 - 7, and 15 - 22.* They are GMRS repeater compatible, and can communicate with GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more.

*Per the FCC, FRS channels 8 - 14 cannot be programmed into GMRS mobile radios.

Select with Helmet Kits or Headsets:

Make sure you are buying the right radio.

Includes Waterproof GMRS radio! Talk between passengers, communicate with other vehicles, listen to music, and make phone calls - our complete communication kits do it all! This kit features a custom mounting solution that perfectly fits your UTV. 

Our RRP696 PLUS intercom allows you to talk to passengers without yelling, directly through the headsets or helmet kits. Just start talking and the auto music-dimming attenuates your music, making conversation easy.

Ready to talk to other vehicles in your group? Simply press the included PTT (push-to-talk) on the steering wheel or grab-bar to transmit. Again, the music dims and you're ready to talk through our Waterproof GMR25 mobile GMRS band radio. 

For music and phone calls, simply pair your phone using the onboard Bluetooth and you’re ready to stream. Easily connect to Ride Command, GPS, or any Bluetooth device. The high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio for the best in music enjoyment. The enhanced music controls allow you to shuffle through your music directly from the faceplate of the intercom. 

This kit includes everything you need to take the conversation further. 

The complete communication experience for your Polaris Pro XP / Pro R!

Fits: Polaris RZR Pro XP, Pro XP 4, and RZR Pro R. Note: For the Pro R model, the gear shift knob comes in close contact with the radio and intercom mount, and may impede use of the lower rocker switch panel while the vehicle is in park.     

Compatibility: Works with all GMRS and FRS radios operating on the same channels, including Rugged GMR45, GMR25, and GMR2. Also works with all GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more!

GMRS License is required and easy to get: Click here

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