V3 Handheld Radio : Accessories For Every Adventure

V3 Handheld Radio : Accessories For Every Adventure

V3 Handheld Radio : Accessories For Every Adventure

Our customers love to use our V3 Handheld Radio for everything; offroad, hiking, biking, moto and snow – you name it. The versatility of our little blue radio is reflected in the wide variety of accessories we offer. Cables, batteries, antennas, bags – we have accessory solutions to help you Go Further on any adventure. Below are some of our most popular accessory bundles.  

V3 2 Pack

If you’re just getting started, grab a V3 2 Pack and hit the trails. This is a convenient two-pack of the small and powerful Rugged V3 handheld radio that’s ready to get you talking.

Rugged Ready Pack

Ready to Go Further? The Rugged Ready Pack comes with 2 handheld radios, 2 extra large batteries, 2 long range antennas, 2 USB charging cables, and a Rugged Radios storage bag to keep you organized. This pack is truly “grab n go” with everything you need for longer range and longer battery life.

Crew Chief Package 

Blake Wilkey uses our Crew Chief Package while mobbing through narrow lake channels in his jet boat. Our H42 Headset w/ PTT and the V3 handheld radio is a perfect on-the-go communication solution.

V3 Radio & Bank Charger Pro System

This ultimate V3 bank kit provides everything you need – perfect for families, race teams, job sites, and more. It keeps all your radios organized, charged, and ready to go. 

The complete kit includes a 6-bay charger with V3 Radios, XL Batteries, and Long Range Antennas.

Go Further

Looking for something else? Click here to shop the rest of our V3 Handheld Radio accessories now. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call: 1-805-541-1696.

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