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RA900 Headsets

We recommend our RA900 aviation headset to flight instructors.

With 24dB noise reduction rating, Clear Hear 50mm performance audio speakers, and full flex boom microphone, you can count on clear audio transmit and receive quality to ensure you're always in communication with ATC.

The headset features gel ear seals, cloth ear covers and deluxe padded cushion headband for added comfort for those long flights and teaching sessions. Separate volume controls on each ear as well as the stereo / mono switch give you complete control.

Plus each headset comes with a convenient carry bag!

Check out a couple of the reviews for our RA900 flight instructor headset from our customers:

"These are the best headsets I've used."

"Comfortable, easy to use, and we've made great use of the audio ability to record from the headsets."

"Definitely will buy another pair for my aircraft!!"

"Can't beat the price for this headset."

RA200 Headsets

The RA200 is the top rated and best student pilot headset with thousands of happy student pilots wearing our headsets.

The 24dB noise reduction rating and 50mm performance audio speakers make sure your instruction is delivered loud and clear to the student pilot. With the EM56 noise reflective cup microphone and full flex boom mic, the student pilot will be able to deliver clear communication during your training sessions.

The RA200 headset features foam comfort ear seals, and padded headband for increased comfort during flying lessons. And each headset comes with a headset carrying bag!

And here are some reviews about our top rated student pilot headset, the RA200:

"These are actually way better than the DC I was using. Much more clear and very comfortable."

"My radio work actually improved significantly with this headset because it made it much easier to understand what the other folks were saying."

This is an absolutely awesome headset. It's comfortable, cheap, very well built, and the audio is clear as can be."

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