Mobile Radios: GMRS, Business Band, Amateur

Shop a wide range of 2-way mobile radios for long range communications in any environment. Rugged Radios offers GMRS, business band, and amateur band radios in analog, DMR digital, UHF and VHF. Choose between powerful, high wattage radios, and waterproof, compact options for the offroad racing, desert, mountains, trails, on and offroad.

Still using CB radios? Jeep clubs everywhere are making the switch to GMRS radios. Our powerful 45-watt GMRS mobile radio far out-performs any CB on the market, giving you the transmission distance you need when it counts!

Which radio is right for you?

GMRS is easy to use and walkie-talkie compatible! The frequency band operates well in heavily wooded areas, or any environment with obstructions including canyons, mountains, and forests.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Recreation

• Overland

• Jeep

• Hiking & Adventure


Business Band is used by professional race teams for communication in offroad desert racing! It's also a great solution for professional agriculture and farming operations.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Offroad Racing

• Professional race teams

• Commercial & industrial

• Agriculture


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