2 PACK - R1 Business Band Digital Analog Handheld Radio - By Rugged Radios

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Easy to grab, hard to let go - now in a convenient 2 Pack! This next-generation Rugged R1 Handheld is a workhorse! Designed and tooled from the ground up to be a versatile solution for Work, Race, or Play - the Rugged R1 will instantly become your go-to radio.

Advanced Features that set the R1 apart:

Best of both worlds! DMR Digital operation allows you to take advantage of the latest technology, while analog lets you talk to race radios on both VHF and UHF frequencies - including our popular V3!

Go Further! Increase your range, battery life or pair with our Moto and Single Seat kits. The Rugged R1 has a wide range of accessories that will allow you to configure this versatile radio to your specific needs. 

Intuitive Controls! A simple keypad layout and intuitive interface make this radio easy-to-use. Customizable P1 and P2 buttons, using RT Systems software, allow you to quickly toggle between the channels of your choice.

Featuring powerful industrial business band frequencies, the R1 is ready to get you talking!


  • *Works with all business analog radios and DMR Digital
  • Versatile Dual Band VHF/UHF
  • Crystal-clear digital DMR
  • Large easy-to-read LED Display
  • Easy-to-use, Intuitive Keypad and Interface
  • Text Messaging on digital channels
  • Dual monitor (listen to two channels at once)
  • Performance-tuned antenna
  • Charge-on-the-go USB cable included 
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Powerful 5-Watt transmitter
  • Works with 2-Pin accessories
  • Built-in safety flashlight
  • 1 Touch FM Radio
  • Lockable controls
  • 1,024 Channel & 250 Zone capacity


  • R1 handheld radio (2)
  • Rechargeable battery (2)
  • USB charging cable / power adapter (2)
  • Belt clip (2)
  • Antenna (2)

    Compatibility: This radio works with all VHF/UHF business band radios operating on the same frequencies, as well as digital radios using the DMR platform. Radio models include, but are not limited to: R1, RDM-DB, M1, RDH-X, V3, RM60, RH5R, RDH16, as well as Icom, Motorola, Kenwood business band radios, and more.

    Business License is required. Click here to learn more. 

    User Manual: Click Here

    FCC and CE certified