Desktop Power Supply and Cabinet for M1, RM45, & RM60 Mobile Radios

Regular price $165.00

This high-efficiency AC-DC power converter provides a highly regulated output designed specifically for use with Rugged Radios shown below. This power supply plugs into a standard wall socket and produces clean, reliable power, and is highly filtered to suppress RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). The unit comes with a detachable power supply cord and features over-current, short-circuit, and over-voltage protection.

The radio cabinet creates an attractive and functional desktop base station unit. Perfect for use in your home or RV where access to a 12V power supply is limited. Simply plug the power supply into a standard wall outlet, mount your antenna, and you're ready to broadcast! Radio is not included.

Designed to work best with

  • M1 Mobile Radio
  • G1 Mobile Radio
  • GMR45 Mobile Radio
  • RM45 Mobile Radio
  • RM60 Mobile Radio
  • RM50R Dual Band Radio