GREAT OUTDOORS PACK - GMR2 PLUS GMRS and FRS Two Way Handheld Radios with Lapel Mics and XL Batteries

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Conquer the Great Outdoors with the Rugged Radios GMR2 PLUS two pack with Patrol Lapel Mic and Long-Lasting Batteries! Whether you are camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing, this outdoor radio bundle is a great companion for any excursion into the great outdoors.  

The Great Outdoors Radio Bundle includes:

(2) GMR2 PLUS GMRS/FRS Handheld Radio
Built to perform! The GMR2 PLUS has an optimized transmitter with tuned antenna providing long range performance. With the included 22 channels, you'll have universal connection to all other GMRS radios; meaning you can talk to other walkie-talkies, both GMRS and FRS.

(2) Patrol 2-Wire Lapel Kit
Take control!
The Patrol 2-Wire Lapel mic allows you to quietly communicate while the loud and clear audio speaker puts sound directly into your ear where only you car hear it.    

(2) Long-Lasting Batteries
Talk for miles! The perfect compliment to your GMR2 as a spare, backup, or for weekend excursions where extended battery life is critical. The GMR2 XL Battery provides more than double the battery life of the standard 1400mAh battery.


GMR2 Radio Features:

• Standard GMRS channels
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
• Weather channels
• FM Radio
• Listen-only operation - VHF 136-174 mHz and UHF 400-480 mHz
• Squelch suppression button
• Flashlight
• A/B Switch to toggle between channels
• 2-Pin accessory port
• Backlit easy-view display


  • (2) GMR2 PLUS Radios
  • (2) Belt Clips
  • (2) Charging cradles
  • (2) AC adapter/charger
  • (2) Patrol 2-wire Lapel Kit
  • (2) Long-Lasting XL Batteries 3200 mAh


All GMRS radios, including Rugged G1, GMR45, GMR25, and GMR2. All GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more. Also compatible with FRS radios on channels 1-7 and 15-22.

GMRS License is required and easy to get: Click here.

User Manual: Click Here

FCC and CE certified