H85 Linkable Full Duplex Intercom Headset • Expand To Unlimited Headsets

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Talk over the noise and protect your hearing at the job site with reliable, constant communication! The H85 linkable headsets allow you to daisy chain unlimited headsets for hands-free communication. When safety is critical and other forms of communication simply won't cut it, the H85 will.

The Behind-The-Head design stays put in rough environments and works with hardhats and other headwear. The H85 features dynamic noise-cancelling for the best in voice clarity, and is engineered to hold up to the harshest of work environments. Perfect for mining, underground, and other job sites where wireless communication is not an option.

Works with 3-pin linkable headsets from other manufacturers!


    • Connect to one or more H85 and start talking!
    • Full Duplex for always-on communications
    • Link unlimited headsets to keep your entire crew talking
    • Dual 9V batteries for extended talk time
    • Noise-Cancelling wire boom Mic
    • 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

    Links With:


    Compatibility: Conveniently connect to other manufacturers linkable headsets including Avcomm, Racing Radios, Track Scan, Racing Electronics, and many other 3-pin headset intercom systems.