OFFROAD Short Course Racing System with RDH Digital Handheld Radios

Regular price $954.95

This custom OFFROAD package from Rugged combines everything you need to connect driver and crew chief with Digital 16-Channel Handheld Radios, headsets, push to talk, and more!

Digital radios are most commonly used in short track/oval track environments with optimal line of sight. Digital technology enables ultra-clear communication while also allowing analog mode for compatibility with standard analog radios.

For Crew:

  • Rugged Radios UHF Digital 16-Channel Handheld Radio
  • H42 Behind the Head Headset
  • Rugged RH/Kenwood Radio Coil Cord

For Driver:

  • Rugged Radios UHF Digital 16-Channel Handheld Radio
  • Handheld Radio Bag
  • OFFROAD Single Seat Car Harness
  • Radio Jumper Cable for Rugged RH Radio
  • Velcro Mount PTT
  • AlphaBuds Race Ear Bud Speakers
  • OFFROAD Helmet Kit with Flex Boom

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