PTT Module For Steering Wheel Shortcut Button

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Seamlessly integrate push-to-talk functionality with your factory steering wheel shortcut button for effortless communications.

Stay connected with your fellow riders, maintain group awareness and stay focused on the trail ahead.

Crafted with precision and built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions, the AZ WirePro CAN Network Interface is engineered for seamless integration into your UTV. Installation is a breeze, and the interface's durable construction ensures it can handle the rugged demands of off-road adventures without compromise.

Elevate your communication experience through your factory steering wheel shortcut button.

Note: The Polaris button is not assigned to any function from the factory. Do not assign this button to any actions within the Ride Command. You will be unable to de-select the assigned function. If your steering wheel button is already pre-programmed for a Ride Command function, both the push-to-talk function and the pre-programmed Ride Command function will execute at the same time. 

Installation Manual: Click Here