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SWR UHF & VHF Antenna Power Meter with Cables


Complete digital SWR meter with cables offers the best method to test and tune your antenna for optimum forward and reflected power (transmit and receive). Rated from 125MHz - 525MHz with SO-239 connector type offers compatibility with most VHF and UHF mobile radios.


  • Includes digital SWR meter
  • (2) coax test cables
  • (1) USB charger

This complete SWR Meter Kit includes a compact SWR-power meter and cables (as shown) for easy connectivity and testing. The SWR Meter features digital readout for measuring SWR and output power simultaneously.

The small size makes it ideal for testing mobile as well as base station installations.

The connector type is SO-239 (accepts a PL-259). Rated from 125MHz-525MHz with a 120 Watt max power reading.

To tune digital channels, switch to analog mode to run SWR test on same frequency.

  • (1) Digital SWR Meter
  • (2) Coax test cables
  • (1) USB Charger

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